Dan's Rigging Page


Here you will find a few pages that document some of the rigging I am installing on my new boat.  These drawing are a composites of drawings I did over 18 years ago for my first new boat as just pencil sketches.  These sketches have been modified many times over the years as I have helped others build their new boats and helped my son put both his first and second boats together.  I have updated them again to reflect my latest experiences and needs and have put them in a WEB format so they can be shared with others.  One of the objects of doing these drawings is identify and purchase all of the parts required to do the rigging without making multiple trips back to the marine store, especially as gas goes to $2.00 a gallon the driving might just exceed the cost of parts.

Rigging can be a very personal thing and what works for one may not work for another.  Most of the systems here are for my boat but as a service to others that may need or like something different I have included some of the more popular alternatives.  I have tried to include enough comments to indicate my thoughts on each system.