I hope the following pages can help you either expand your knowledge or solve a problem. They cover some of my areas of interest in the Classic GMC Motorhome including projects for upgrades and general knowledge. There are many outstanding sites that provide information on the classic GMC that can be found by doing a search using the keywords "GMC Classic Motorhome" on the WEB, or starting with the link page on the GMC Western States page at <>.

The above picture is of our GMC on its first trip after getting its new pint job and new windows.  It was still in a partial stage of completion with only a partial interior but it was functional.  At present is is almost to the point we want it but is still waiting for a table since we have removed the Dinnet and replaced it with a J-couch.

In a lapse of good judgment I have purchased of 1973 23' Canyon Lands and have started a restoration of that unit for my son and daughter in-law.  The information on the progress of this restoration can be seen by selecting "Restoration of the Yellow Submarine".


Please enjoy but realize these are my personal notes and come with no warranties, use at your own risk.

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