Putting Water and Electrical Connections Behind License Plate



We have a 1978 Royal with the typical SOB water, and electrical connections cluttering up the side of the vehicle.  When we decided to get a new paint job it was time to replace both the water connection compartments due to age and cracking. I decided that it would look really nice to have these connections less obvious so attacked the job of moving them behind the license plate.  This involved building a box for the connections and then installing it behind the license plate and then creating a door to cover the opening and hold the license plate.


The box was built with a crude mold built from foam and a scrap of melamine but it did provide a usable part.  I then transferred the water connectors from the old boxes to the new box and installed it behind a hole cut behind the license plate.  I then added an aluminum plate door with stainless hinge and some weather seal.  The door is held closed with a touch latch that only requires a slight push in on the top of the license plate to open up the compartment.

Since this is located in the same compartment where the electrical cable is stored it would be easy to rout this cable out the box also.  I do not know why I left the original electrical cable door on the side of the motor home.  It really spoils the looks and since it was painted off the vehicle it is the background color but sits half on and half off one of the feature stripes and really looks out of place.  Not only that, the cover for the Electrical cable was disassembled for painting and the hold close spring was lost. Live and learn I guess.


The following images show the final product, both in the closed and the open positions.