Window Screens

Anyone with a GMC that has camped in a buggy place will have had a desire for screens on the front cockpit side windows.

Our first desire for such screens occurred on our trip to Alaska where in places the mosquitoes were so thick that you could not see out the windows if parked for more then 10 minutes.

We made a quick stop at a local hardware store and quickly jury rigged up a contraption that worked for that trip but I was never totally satisfied with it.  I later came up with the following scheme that has worked marvelously for the last 10 years and is so simple that anyone can put it together in a short time and it is cheap.

This scheme uses sticky back Velcro.  I cut a piece of fiberglass window screen to the dimensions of the open cockpit window plus another 3/4 inch all the way around.  I then cut strips of the hook side of the sticky back Velcro and attach it to the screen around the perimeter.  I then sewed this down on the wife's sewing machine along each edge of the Velcro.  Then back in the motor home I cut strips of the loop side of the Velcro and put it around the frame of the cockpit window opening.  The only problem area is along the bottom where things are tight and I had to cut a strip of Velcro down the middle so it was only half as wide and then work it onto the frame along the bottom.

The screens are installed simply by placing them in place, the Velcro does the rest.  They are easy to open if you need to pass something through the window and are easy to remove and store if you don't need them.

The only problem I have had is that the paint around the windows came up in a couple of places when the screens were pulled off.  This was quickly fixed with a dab of glue.


Here is the screen with the Velcro sewn around the outside

Here is the Window with the Velcro around the frame

Here is the screen in position

Here is the screen opened to had over that pesky toll