Toad Rock Shield Images

These images are taken in the shop without the toad connected so the full configuration can't be seen


This is the Underskirt as it is laid out on the shop floor.
This is the corner of the Skirt that attaches to the bumper of the motor home. The tension in the bungee cord is about this tight at all corners. The carabineer size can be judged by comparing it to the 1 1/2 inch hem across the corner.
This is one of the Vs cut to allow access to the bungee cord along the edge of the skirt along the motor home edge and for the support pole along the edges from the motorhome to the toad. Note the reinforcing tab sewn in the crotch of the V.
This is a view along the motor home edge of the skirt. You can see the corner hook for the bumper and the hooks that connect to the frame 14 inches each side of center.
This is the skirt from the topside with the support pole laid across it. Note the Bungee to hold the pole down to the tow bar, (probably not necessary) and note the strap in the center to hold up the center of the skirt.
This is a close-up of the strap that holds up the center of the skirt to the support pole and the bungee that holds the pole to the tow bar.
This is the skirt installed to the back of the GMC but no Toad.
The Skirt installed with the support pole in position.
Close-up of support pole on top of tow bar. Note bungee that holds support pole to the tow bar and the strap that holds the skirt up in the middle.
This is the pole end fitting that I used. There are much cheaper and just as effective solutions for this.
Getting ready to store the tow bar and skirt while parked. First the tow bare is raised and locked in the up position. Having the support pole bungeed to the tow bar helps in this process.
The Skirt is then draped over the top of the tow bar and pulled up snug, and then the hooks that go to the Toad are clipped onto the bumper support brackets. All the cables are still on the tow bar and cradled by the skirt.
Looking behind the skirt you can see where the skirt is clipped back to the bumper support. If on your coach the clips wont reach the bumper support add a loop of line around the support that you can clip to. These loops can be left in place all the time.
If on your coach the clips wont reach down to the bumper support then add a line loop as shown here. Note the cables being supported in the bottom of the skirt. We drove many miles set up in this manner.
This is the connection of the skirt to the bumper. On my motor home the tail pip exits in such a way that I did not have to worry about it burning the skirt but this may be a concern with other coaches.
This is another picture of the connection of the skirt to the coach bumper.
Another shot of the connection of the Skirt to the bumper
This show the connections to the frame under the back of the coach. It is a little blurred but gets the point across.